{السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته}
I`m a lost soul; searching. I`ve found the answer and here is my struggle.
An interior monologue of a revert Muslimah.

Why Islam?

Why Islam? It was a personal choice. A fascination with the words very meaning, “Peace”. No one pressured me, none of my friends taught me, they only answered my doubts. No one cared if I knew Islam or not. Why? It is a person’s own will to be Muslim and any good Muslim will never pressure or make a person learn about the religion. He will only answer what is asked. I seen the peaceful smiles on my Muslim friends face and on all the Muslims around me. Happy, generous, loving people. As anyone who knows me I have never believed in God. The fact of God was a silly thought to me. I never had any interest. In Islam you can be who you want to be; it is for everyone. God does not judge us by our race or cultural background; only humans will. An interesting fact is that the highest Muslim population is in fact NOT in the middle east. It is in South East Asia. There are tons of mis-conceptions about the religion. No wonder I didn’t care. People need to see the truth.

Many will accuse me of my choice because of my boyfriend. He introduced me and showed me some interesting things but never pressured me. Whether I am Muslim or not, though he accepts me the way I am. I have to admit at times I felt like learning because in Islam to marry and for it to be approved then the person who is not Muslim in a relationship needs to become a Muslim. A family also will not accept an atheist. It is a huge sin. After learning more and more my desire to do it for him was no longer there. I will not change for him but for myself and if at any time our relationship may fail (I pray it won’t!) my relationship with God will not. It is a sin in Islam to change for love and not personally for God and yourself. God knows best. You need to do it with the right intentions. If any person does not believe this fact; then don’t. But over time you will see my truth.

In university I took a course on Islam. Prior to that I took a course on world religion in Asia like Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto etc. Buddhism caught my attention. The peace you can attain and the fact there was no God in Buddhism only a first enlightened being. But my interest soon faded as I started to learn more about the people around me. Who my friends were. The course on Islam made more sense. Buddhism to me became a man made creation from Hinduism. It had good morals as all religions do. It just no longer made 100% sense. I finished the course on Islam in awe. Every class was so enlightening. I did not expect to take away what I have. My instructor was a famous, internationally known scholar. Dr. Jamal Badawi. A wise man who could answer any doubt about Islam. He could fight any argument with strong points that are hard to deny. He spread the word of God and the truth to the people who wanted to believe. From the time on after the course I pushed my own personal study in the religion only to fall more in love. I began to adore women rights in Islam. The Hijab. I was shocked at how mis-represented the religion is. How hurt the people of Islam are. How cruel the West really is. Who Satan is and who’s hearts he abides. I studied hard and found the answers to my existence. The answers to all the wrongs and the reason of this world. The science facts the holy Qu’ran reveals. It is all truth. Humans are all blinded by the corruption and lies we created. Islam is peace. It is truth. It is the answer to living a long, loving, meaningful, peaceful life. It counter acts corruption. It keeps our families safe, our women protected. God gave his words to guide us to keep us safe if we have faith in him and this is the sole purpose of Islam.

Islam is for me! I will only gain from this personal choice. My life will be blessed and my life will become easier. I will be happy knowing I am being watched by God. I will be happy knowing I have a 2nd chance at life. I will be happy knowing I made the right choice to live a meaningful life. Islam pushes me to be the successful person I want to be. It keeps me away from the things that bring me down. The things that will make me fail in life. All my dreams will come true; and God will only hinder what he knows I can handle. So far Islam has helped me see the path in my life I need to take to be happy. To fulfill my duty. It helped rid my desires and obsessions that will lead me to failure. It opened doors. It opened opportunities. If you do not agree with what I say about Islam then open your mind and heart. At least come to an understanding of what I see and feel. Why I choose this path. Do research. It is what I did !