{السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته}
I`m a lost soul; searching. I`ve found the answer and here is my struggle.
An interior monologue of a revert Muslimah.


L.O.V.E ❤ Sayako Ozaki

I love how she has many pics eating ❤

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 

Following my previous post about my style I began to search for exactly what I was trying to express in what inspires me from the Gal world. F.Y.I I AM a noob to Gyaru, even fashion. I just enjoy it, I enjoy looking at the other Gal's blogs, seeing the pictures, and loving the fashions. I'm not so obsessed with it that it makes me materialistic, I just honestly feel an ease to be able to relate and find fashions from it that suite my taste. For me it's not the big eyes or the expressive make-up, it's not a life style, it's more about putting together a look, an attitude with your clothing and personality. It's about expressing yourself through your clothes, wearing what makes you happy, what makes you feel good. I find all that makes me myself, makes me unique, I feel that in the Gyaru fashion. Upon browsing I found my very first Gyaru icon: Sayako Ozaki. She stood out instantly. From her make-up to her clothes, altogether, she is dead on, exactly what I'm looking to obtain and to fuse with modesty. I love the colors she wears, the patterns, and the pieces she puts together (whether it's her or her stylist, I love it). All the clothes just make me feel warm, happy, and stylish. Not to mention comfortable! It's elegant and can be modestly put together~
Here are some magazine clipping found on Tumblr. Don't forget to click to enlarge (⌒▽⌒) ★

Tell me what you think about her? Or Gyaru in general? ~~-v(= ̄▽ ̄)


Banana Anne said...

It's not the kind of style that I like, but I think it would look awesome on some people (I remember seeing pics of you on Facebook, and you definitely could pull it off well). Also, you can totally make these clothes modest without compromising the style. If you like this style, I say knock yourself out with it!

normal.is.overrated. said...

I think her style is beautiful! I find it unique and cool :)

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ ANNE: Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me :D:D ~

@ NORMAL: :D yaay~ It is, ya? I hope I inspire people and see how easy it really is to dress up and be fashionable ^_^