{السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته}
I`m a lost soul; searching. I`ve found the answer and here is my struggle.
An interior monologue of a revert Muslimah.


Stop Hating on The West

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته 

I'm getting sick and tired of people blaming THE WEST, 'The Westerners', for all the problems in the world. Stop clumping us 'Westerners' together for all the problems in the world. It's people, damn it. Not based on what freaking part of the world they live in. Even if the 'West' (how is Europe even West? Isn't it central?) brought on industrialization you cannot blame it for the corruption. Blame it on those individuals and the people who helped promote it. By name. Not by race or living locations. Should we blame Japan for problems in Asia? (Japan was the first Asian country to industrialize, and many other Asian countries have problems with Japan). Blame it on the Government, and the industries. Last time I checked, and through education, it's these two things that cause most of the problems in the world. Whether they're 'Western' or 'Eastern', both sides take part in it all and people as a human race, civilization, do it all together. The media and Government has polluted the minds of people.

You see China and India changing rapidly trying to catch up the the 'modern times'. You see people all over the world from Mexico to Africa dressed in Nike and Addidas, loving Disney, living off of Coca Cola, because of the masses. You see some Asian girls/boys dying their hair blond, wearing circle lenses, false eye lashes, sticking tape in their eye lids, and even some getting surgeries to change their eye shape to look Caucasian. It's just not even the few Asian girls doing this, but people from all corners of the world alter their looks so much just to look perfect. You see skinny women plastered all over the magazines world wide, smothered in make-up, and girls getting bullied, others committing suicide because they're not 'perfect'. You see homosexuals popping up in every part of the world (and don't deny them in your country PLEASE! I am so tired of people saying 'Oh, Koreans aren't gay'). Look at the idiotic politics in the Middle East. The masses promote this! The masses, as a whole, world wide. Don't blame the West. Blame the people who cry and die for these things. Consumerism doesn't work one way. People have to buy into it for it to work. Blame society as a whole for being so ridiculously stupid and blind for not seeing the lies and deceit within the items they worship. No country or race is superior. It's stupid people who think that they are superior that cause problems.

One other thing I'd like to note on is the family structures or morals. The divorce rates, broken families, and 'illegitimate children' that are strictly 'Western'. Everything that goes on in the 'West' goes on everywhere else. The difference is people being open about it or not, people not keeping secrets. Cheating happens just as much as it does in China. Just as much as it happens in India, Japan, Mexico, etc. Prostitution, drinking, and partying happens in Holy Saudi Arabia just like it does in California. My family may not be religious or hold strong morals but they have taught me tolerance, independence, and respect. Thanks to my mom I have become a very intelligent, strong individual who was given the freedom to be who I wanted to be. My families openness has allowed my siblings and I to grow up in an environment where we have freedom, good or bad, I see it as a positive thing to allow your kids, at the right age, to find themselves as individuals. The most important thing about my family is that they never judge or trash talked any other human being. My mom has also always been hard working, she was a single mom for a very long time, raising my brother and I alone. Despite my broken family my brother and I have become successful, happy, hard working, young adults.My brother and I each had our own apartments at the age of 18. I take pride in independence when your family is not rich.

They're a many good things about my 'Western' culture that I am extremely proud of! Where else in the world would you see so many different communities living in harmony? Where else in the world would you see a comedy T.V show about Muslims being aired when Muslims are the minority? Where else in the world would you have the IIFA awards taking place? Where else in the world would you see so many people having rights in their beliefs? It's in the 'West'. If you have a problem with it, look at your own country and cultural issues before you blame another. If you did, you'd never have anything bad to say.

The world would be a better place if ethnocentrism didn't freakin' exsist.There's a difference between being proud of your country and thinking your country is superior.


Anonymous said...

hey im a westerner too! Canada is definitely my country and I'm happy with what we have going on (to some extent)I really like this post. I've always thought when people talk about the "west" (cultural wise)they sound really dark-agey. Usually I think of the "west" as the governments over there not really the people. By the way the bit about asian girls wanting to look caucasian I never knew they would go through those lengths especially taping their eyelids.

Jess FTW!

♡ αmαℓ said...

Salaam :)

Habibti, don't even listen to these people who get all "The West is Shaytaan" on everyone. They're just taking things to an unnecessary extreme and looking for someone to hate. I know I have probably mentioned things on my blog I don't like about the West, but there is a still a ton I do love. Trust me when I tell you this, the same things go on in the Middle East. Humans are humans no matter where you go, and everyone should understand that. No place is perfect for sure...

Also, I know that comment about bastard children really hurt you. I feel really bad I published that because I was in a hurry to leave for iftar and I just skimmed thru the comments and somehow didn't see that one and published them all :-/ Whoever said that tho is a total idiot, because Muslim does not = angel. There are illegitimate children in the Middle East as well, it's not exclusive to the West.

normal.is.overrated. said...

HEAR HEARR :D I freaking LOVED this post and I agree with what you said. I'm also annoyed by the fact when people talk about the west its always said in negative way. We shouldn't go around pointing fingers if our hands are just as (or if more) dirty !!!

Zeinab said...

There's definitely a tendency to homogeneous people under a single category, whether West or East. And you're definitely right, there really isn't such a thing as East or West, each is composed with a multitude of people, ideas, values that may be in opposition or just plane different. I, too, dislike it when people generalize as though something can be intrinsically Western of Eastern, but no such thing exists.
I will leave you with a wonderful stanza from an even more wonderful poet, Mahmoud Darwish:

The East is not exactly the East
Nor the West exactly the West
Because identity is open to multiplicity
Not a fortress or trenches. ~

Banana Anne said...

This post is so spot on, Masha'Allah. I literally agree with everything you just said. I am so sick and tired of Muslims making it seem like everything "Western" is inherently evil or incompatible with Islam, as if "Eastern" cultures, especially Arab culture, is "good" and "moral"; it is simply not true, and it really hurts me to know that some of my fellow Muslims hate my culture so much (some people go as far as to call anything western "kafir", i.e. "kafir" clothes, "kafir" stores, etc.; makes me want to punch something). And you're right, social problems are for sure not exclusive to the "West". I am an American Muslim, and as long as they're not specifically haram, I refuse to give up my "Western" ways to conform.

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ YAS: : ) My fellow Canadian!!! Yes, there are some things about where I live that I don't like, or some things that are accepted here that I don't like, but no where is perfect. The fact that Canada is so tolerant and open to diversity of all kinds is an incredible thing even if it brings some negativity. But that negativity is world wide~ All humans do the same things in all the countries.

@AMAL: No worries dear :) It's not your fault~~~ I am glad you posted that comment because it inspired me to write a passionate post. And there are many negative things I know about the Middle East and my Mr. was telling me last night as we were having a convo. about this topic. I'm proud i'm illegit, really, my mom chose my life. If she aborted me I wouldn't exist. My life is a true blessing. And both my parents do love me. It's understanding that people lack.

@NORMAL: Loveeee the analogy ;)

Ikatrina said...

yeah,, doesnt matter ure western or eastern..
wht matter is bad guy is everywhere, so is doesnt matter where u are
dont blame others when u cant see ur own mistake..

ure so lucky dear, my mom raise me n my sis alone since my dad passed away.. mom is superb creature, dont think?!?

i luv ur blog
check mine if u dont mind
follow if u like.. i will do so


Anonymous said...

HAHA, a bastard westerner fake moslem complaining.

Go let your kafir mother teach you how to have unwed sex with your father.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Germany!

I agree that not all westerners are the devil, however, the US/UK (include canada) are believing that they are kings when they are the drugs of the world.

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ ANONS: Just ignorance. I'm sorry. But no they do not believe they're kings. Who is they btw? Do you even read what I say? I'm talking about every country being equal, and we all are.

Noor said...

I agree I am also from the West and HATE those comments. People are good and bad all over the world.


Aasiyah said...

geography has nothing to do with one's character and i very well agree with you. we have labeled ourselves too much that we end up labeling others too, hence the existence of stereotypes and the discrimination (either consciously or subconsciously).

may Allah ta'ala forgive us.

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ ZAINAB: Thank you for that lovely quote dear and I'm glad you agree :) I am very thankful for the support on this topic.

@ANNE: Kafir is such a ugly word and I DO NOT use it. It has become negative as people use it in a negative way, making it an evil, unpleasant thing. I also will not give up some of my western ways, so a long as they're not wrong Islamically, I will continue to live with them.

@Ikatrina: Yes dear mothers a indeed incredible. That's why we should never say bad things about them as I used to. I'm sorry to hear about your father :(

Just want to add a big thanks for all the support on this post! I'm glad you all (most) agree!

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ Noor: INDEED! I don't know why people need to blame others for their own problems.

@Aasiya: Labels have burdened us and if they didn't exists maybe everyone would actually get along. We need to focus on our similarities. Doesn't Islam teach this?

Aasiyah said...

In fact, Islam does. Unfortunately, some Muslims only choose to practice the part of Islam that benefits them. :S Bitter truth.

Anonymous said...

You do not use the word kafir because you are one. Go back to praying to pope john paul and leave Islam to true muslims.

Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

@ANON: I just post your comments to show how ignorant people in this world are and that YOU are the very reason it has its problems.

Anonymous said...